I currently  searching for  this schematics :

Service manual , schematics or IC list 360 Sstems digital keyboard

Service manual for Marion Prosynth and MSR2 (Oberheim )

Boot Disk for EMU Emulator 1

Schematics for : Steelphon S-900 , Firstman SQ-01 , Keytek CTS  Series ,

Elka Drummer one ,  EKO Computerhythm , MPC Electronics  Music Percussion Computer MPC-1 , Cactus Desert Drum , AHB Inpulse One  , Crumar Compac Synth


 I currently searching for this  parts  :

Curtis CEM 3374 Dual VCO

Pedal for RMI KC2  KC-2

Not working  PPG,s   .... single and faulty boards for  wave 2.2 and 2.3 as well


I currently searching for this :


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