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 - Device programming  -

 I am able to  read ,programm or copy  ALL  chips from  ca. 1970  upwards , whether if eprom ,prom ,gal .pal mcu or dsp


    2708 eprom  as a softcopy 

    2708 eprom  as a hardcopy


  -i have this Parts  -


Replacement MCU / CPU  for  Roland , Korg , Crumar and other 

  P-805118                                       Keyboard MCU for Bit one / Bit 99

  8048C-011                                     Key assigner for Roland Jupiter 4

  8048C-012                                     Programmer for Roland Jupiter 4

  8049C-380                                     Main CPU for CPU board Roland Juno 60 / Juno 6

                                                        for new and old* version , *see service manual

  8049C-028                                     Panel CPU for Roland Juno 60

  8048C-015                                     CPU for Roland CR-78

  8048C-305                                     CPU for Roland CR-8000 Display board 

  8049C-232                                     CPU for Roland CR-8000 / 5000 also usable for 8049C-159

  PD7810G  / D7810G                    CPU for Roland Juno 106  for external Eprom version  


more Roland and Korg coming soon 


Divider , TOS , Tone Generator

M083AB1  nos                                   for ARP Omni ,ARP Quadra , Moog Polymoog , Moog Opus 3 , Crumar

TDA0470  tr. array                              for Solina String  , ARP Omni ,ARP Quadra ,Farfisa Soundmaker + Synth

SM305A  Siemens                              Tone Gernerator for Korg CX-3 + BX-3







PPG  PAL,s      new replacement for all PPG  Wave 2,3 and Waveterm B PAL.s   

Digital Keyboards Synergy I and II   proms                                                                             

Fairlight CMI     Series II  replacement boards    (in  exchange)                                                

Rhodes Chroma       replacement voice boards    (in exchange)                                                 

M412S             NOS ,Special IC for Multivox , Hillwood  ,  Pulser ....and more                               

MB8877A         new old stock  (NOS )  disk drive controller chip for PPG Waveterm B                   

SN74S189        nos       64 bit ram 3-state  for PPG                                                                           

SSM 2020        new and unused                                                          

CEM 3372        new and unused                                                                                                      

CEM 3389        used and tested                                                                                                      

CEM 5508        new and unused   (PD 508)                                                                                     

CEM3396         NOS                                                                                                                      

CEM 3396        used and tested                                                                                                       

CEM 3328        used and tested                                                                                                       

SSM 2044         used and tested                                                                                                      

SSM 2056         used and tested                                                                                                      

HM  6508         1024x1 Ram  new and unused                                                                                  

M5L 2114         1024x4 S Ram  new and unused                                                                               

2708/2716         Eproms , used , blank and tested                                                                              

80186 CPU       CPU for Chroma Polaris     used and tested                                                             

A78H05       Voltage regulator 5V , 5A , TO3                                                                                 

A78H12       Voltage regulator  12V , 5A  , TO3                                                                             

CA3080E       NOS OTA used in many analog synths                                                                         

Z80A SIO2      NOS for EMU Emulator I + Emulator II                                                                                       

Z80A PIO       NOS for EMU Emulator I + Emulator II                                                                                        

Z80A CTC     NOS  for EMU Emulator II                                                                                          

Z80A DMA    NOS for EMU Emulator II                                                                                         

Z80A CPU    NOS  for EMU Emulator II and other synths                                                                

EMU EIII       Set (2x) programmed IC for EMU Emulator III to use 8 MB memory                           

Crumar DS-2  Set (3x) programmed IC for keyboard encoding                                                            

ARP Pro Soloist + Pro DGX      programmed prom for sound preset                         


PD7810G  / D7810G   CPU for Roland Juno 106  neu         

TC5514 APL-3 /PD444   cmos ram for Roland /Korg           

SAS570S                           Sensor for Farfisa                          

MC846P                            nand gate  used in Synclavier II     

DM936N                            hex inv. gate  used in Sync    II      





- Itron Noritake 32 char Vacuum Dispaly  FGS16026A2  for Dynacord DRP 20

 (no longer available from Dynacord or Itron/Noritake )                                                                             


-New Crumar spare keys for :

Bit-one , Bit-99 , Spirit , Stratus , Trilogy ,Performer , Multiman 3 + 2 ,

Roadrunner, Compact Grand , Toccata , DP-88 ,T3 ,Baby Grand , T2         


used Parts from for EMAX 1 , Crumar Performer  , Prophet 600 , Prophet 3000  ,Crumar BIT One /99 

Welson Symtex   , 

Used 8 Inch drives and floppys                                   


-Schematics , Servicemanuals and Usermanuals  , available please  look  HERE                                                                                                                




more coming soon ........